Ep. 045: 10 Sideline Sources of Income That You Can Earn From Home

10 Sideline Sources of Income That You Can Earn From Home

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 045: 10 Sideline Sources of Income That You Can Earn From Home

Do you have some extra time to kill and need additional sources of income?

There are several ways to generate secondary sources of income without leaving the comfort of your own home. It’s surprising how many home employment opportunities exist. Anyone with a few hours to spare can earn extra money.

Check out these ways to stay at home and earn money in your free time:

  1. With the capabilities of the internet and associated technologies, working from home is a snap. Whether your talent is writing, graphics, building websites, or voiceover work, there’s no end to the amount of work available for a freelancer.
  • No matter what your skills might be, there’s someone out there looking for you. Check out one of the many freelance websites to get started.
  1. Any place with a telephone is suitable for your telemarketing headquarters. It’s a job that few enjoy, so there are usually employers looking for callers. If you have a pleasant voice and can deal with rejection, telemarketing can be an easy and flexible way to earn some money.
  2. Grow and sell vegetables. Okay, you might have to leave home to do this. On the other hand, you might be able to convince someone else to sell them for you at the local farmer’s market. Seeds are very inexpensive. Mother Nature will take care of the rest, minus weeding.
  3. Make scrapbooks. Not everyone has the skill to make a custom scrapbook. Create scrapbooks for those who are unable or unwilling to do it themselves. A few supplies are all you need to get started.
  • Begin with offering your scrapbooking service to family, friends, and neighbors. You might be able to generate enough referrals to stay busy without additional advertising.
  1. Data Entry. Most jobs pay for each entry rather than by the hour. It’s a great job if you have a few spare minutes here and there. It’s super flexible and can work around any schedule. With focus and fast fingers, you can generate a reasonable income.
  2. Part-time tutors can make $30 or more per hour. You might have to brush up on your geometry or Latin, but tutoring can be a lucrative way to spend your free time.
  3. Are you skilled in a second language? There are many opportunities to translate conversations and documents. While certifications are required to translate for large companies and government agencies, they’re unnecessary for translating a love letter or a conversation on Skype.
  4. Rent out a room. If you have the space to spare, rent out a room. A good roommate can be a blessing and help you cover the bills. It might help your social life, too.
  5. Host a party. There are parties for Tupperware, candles, and numerous other types of products. While these parties are typically held in the homes of others, host the parties yourself.
  • You could also allow your friends to use your home as a party location, and then keep a percentage of the profits.
  1. Sell ad space on a personal blog. Create a blog and then sell ads on your website. You can sell the ad space directly or sign up with Google Adsense. With Google, they’ll post relevant ads for you, and you’ll receive money whenever someone clicks on the ad.

Whether you’re in financial pain or just need an activity to fill your spare time, secondary or part-time sources of income could be the solution. Someone almost certainly has a need that fits your skillset perfectly. Find them and provide your services. It might be the most enjoyable money you’ll ever earn.

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Show Notes

Val Kuikman: (00:01)
Welcome to the funnel creators secrets podcast. I’m your host Val Kuikman, content creator, network marketer and consultant for network marketers who want to avoid spam marketing and their businesses and create something amazing. And today I just wanted to talk about extra sources of my income cause there’s a lot of people that want to work from home and maybe they’re in network marketing but they want, well they’re just starting and they want to earn some other income on the side. It’s like a side hustle thing. So I wanted to give you, um, some, I’ve tended to ideas I wanted to provide you guys like, so you can create some sideline sources of income, um, that you can earn just from the comfort of your own home. So as you’re building your business or maybe you just want some extra income, um, as we all do, maybe you have something coming up and you want to earn some extra, I’m from real quick like a vacation or kids are going back to school.

Val Kuikman: (00:54)
So maybe you want to earn some extra money to get some, some extra clothes and that kind of thing. So I’m just going to give you a 10 real quick. Um, and you guys can create funnels off these super easy to create. So I’ll just give you some ideas. If there’s something that stands out to you, leave a comment below and in the live stream or even comment on the podcast show notes, let me know what you think. Um, cause with the capabilities of the Internet today, like you can create a business out of almost anything and it’s, it’s a matter of being consistent. Um, so you can even say you’re good at creating like freebies, lead magnets, like worksheets, cheat sheets, that kind of thing. Um, maybe you’re good at graphics building websites, voiceover work, which is very needed. Um, and you can do all these things as a freelancer.

Val Kuikman: (01:42)
You can go to freelancer.net and put up your work. UPWORK Fiverr is a great one. You can throw your, um, advertise yourself up there and uh, do some extra work on the side. I am doing this and have done it and I’ve created probably about seven or $800 in a month and creating like worksheets and freebies with graphics for people. So it is possible to earn any income that way. Um, whatever your skills are and you’re good at, there’s, there’s a need for it out there. So you just need to find the appropriate place to put it, to show people that you’re available to do this work. Um, you can even do calling like a call center work. You can do that from your own home. So you can look online for call center work and you can actually from your home work from home and do a call center and answer calls and do it all from your Internet and phone.

Val Kuikman: (02:30)
Pretty awesome. I’m growing and selling vegetables, like there is a huge need for organic food and locally, so that’s something you can do and you can even go to. Um, a lot of places have like the chamber of Commerce where they, chamber of Commerce, where they sell uh, uh, flowers and stuff like that. You can bring your vegetables and sell them there, opened up a food stand, get a business license locally and start selling it. Super easy to do. Just look at the and what they pertained to and what you need before you start, uh, anywhere locally in your town. Cause a lot of places to have a lot of extra, uh, permits and stuff that you have to get to sell. So scrap bookings, amazing people love putting their memories and on somewhere so they can have them forever. And scrapping is a great, great way to do that.

Val Kuikman: (03:17)
Um, but some people just don’t have the time and I don’t have the patience to do scrapbooking, so I’d like to do, have somebody to do it for me. So this is a great thing. You can offer peoples to make scrapbooks. Um, you can, you can begin by offering friends and family and neighbors and then obviously word of mouth will get out and then you can even throw it up on Fiverr. Um, workplaces like that and you can sell that way. The data entry is also amazing. A lot of people need help cause they don’t have the time to enter data. Um, doctor’s huge, huge a need for this as well as any entrepreneurs that are creating information. We need data entry into their websites, like their blogs and stuff. So you can put up for data entry, part-time tutors, they can make up to $30 an hour.

Val Kuikman: (04:02)
So in school year starting. So this will be a great time, um, to put that up there, especially if you have teaching ability. Um, something like geometry, math, reading, spelling, these are all the needs that younger children need. So a tutor would be a great thing to do if you’re bilingual or multilingual. Offering, um, opportunities to translate the conversations and documents is, would be amazing. An amazing opportunity to do that. Um, and you can even help with, um, get a certification and you can even translate for like large companies and government agencies too. So that’s a huge opportunity and a lot of people need a translation. So put yourself out there and looking on the Internet and see what you can come up with that you can rent out a room in your house too. I mean that’s your space. Despair. There’s a room to rent, right?

Val Kuikman: (04:52)
So a good way to make some income. Do background checks on people, especially if you have children, um, safety first. But you can host parties too, like Tupperware candles, um, anything in an MLM, you can do a home party again. So home parties are a great way and it’s also a great way to socialize and build friendships and partnerships with people. So, um, you can even allow your friends to use your party, you are, your houses to the party location. You just keep a percentage of the profits. So you’re not doing any of the work other than opening your home. So great idea there for you. And my times’ idea is to sell ad space on your blog. It’s a great way to if you have a blog and or a website, it’s about selling your head. Your space on there is amazing opportunity to make some income.

Val Kuikman: (05:37)
A lot of people have gone full time with this in blogging, especially recently because they’re selling their ad space. Especially if you have a lot of visitors in our high popularity and your site of people coming and consuming your content, it’s a great place to earn some ex extra income. Um, so those are the 10. You can, uh, be a freelancer with your products or services. Um, developed telemarketing or call center, um, throwing, sell vegetables, make scrapbooks data entry, part-time tutors, um, translation services, runs out of the room, host a party or sell ad space on your blog or website. So those are the 10 ideas that I have today. Um, you have any more come back to here in the show notes and comments and let us know or come back to the blog and comment so we can add. We can keep this document going.

Val Kuikman: (06:24)
I have 10 sources of income so far, so let’s see. Many we can get. Um, so all these things can be put into a funnel and put online ads can be put online. Um, you can create a website pretty much free these days and, and through your services up there. Um, so, but make sure you’re following your state and local rules and we’re getting what you need to do to get your business started, but amazing ideas. Your, um, the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and do anything you want and, and work with your talents is like humongous, right? So go find something you’re passionate about and then help people get a result with it. That is the great, greatest way to start. So I hope you enjoy this quick episode today, but I just wanted to allow you guys to do something I’ve thought outside the box and develop and work on your skills, see what you have. You can offer the world and then go out and offer it to them. It’s a great way to make a living, earn some extra side sources of income that can eventually turn into a full-time job. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. But, uh, thank you for watching. Come on back here and um, subscribe and leave a review. I love to hear it. Thanks, guys. Have a good one.

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