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What Clients Have To Say...
Wow to say that I am happy with the way my documents came out is an understatement. 
I had no idea what to expect because I have such high standards. 

I sent Val a few pictures and explained what I liked and she did up a sample that we used as a base to get my ideas down. The process was so easy and Val was so helpful throughout even taking the time to explain questions I had along the way. 

I highly recommend her and will be coming back for more services in the future!​
Impostor Syndrome Beating Tricks All Virtual Assistants And Service Providers Need To Know
10/13/19 - Val Kuikman
How to overcome impostor syndrome as a new Virtual Assistant

Types of Imposter Syndrome:

The Perfectionist
▸Excessively high goals for themselves and fear that they won’t reach them because of self-doubt and measuring up.

Professional Service Providers Share Secrets For How To Find High Paying Clients
09/27/19 - Val Kuikman
Besides job boards where can you get contract jobs as a service provider quickly?

There are many ways to do this but in our virtual world, a website and blog are critical to developing your client base as an online service provider.

Val Kuikman digital marketer virtual assistant email marketer
"Hurricane Dorian" Email Marketing Tactics For Online Entrepreneurs
09/12/19 - Val Kuikman
Funnel Creator Secrets Ep. 051: "Hurricane Dorian" Email Marketing Tactics For Online Entrepreneurs
Listen now or read the show notes below the video:

What programs can you build this type of campaign with?

I have found that you can build this type of campaign with the following Email Marketing accounts: